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Introducing The $76K Project

Originally published on The $76K Project on 6/25/17 They say that in life, you have to write your own story.  So here's what I want to see when I read my story five years from now: We used to be $75,000 in debt, but we've paid it off. The $22,000+ in credit card debt? Gone. The $53,000+ in student loan debt? Eliminated. Kicking our debt out the door took a lot of discipline, patience, and a long-term mindset. The process wasn't always easy, nor did it always go as planned. We've made some mistakes. We've had some setbacks. Ultimately, though, we stuck with it.  Now we live in place we love, and we're not saddled with hundreds of dollars in debt payments every month.  We persisted. We're free.  The specifics on how we got here is a discussion for another post, and one we'll certainly share.   The short version is that it took many, many years, during which time we've moved multiple times, traveled frequently, experienced underemployment, faced hefty m