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The Pros and Cons of Side Hustling

(Originally posted on The $76K Project on 9/17/2017) As most of you are already aware (thanks to my not-so-subtle kvetching), my current work life consists of both my full-time job and a side hustle,  an online teaching gig that I tackle in whatever open pockets of time I can find in the evenings and over the weekend. I decided to take on this extra work for two reasons.  One, we wanted to build up an emergency fund and sinking fund,  something that would take forever and a day to accomplish if we were relying entirely on our salaries; and  two, we wanted to speed up our debt elimination process  (we’ve currently mapped it out over a five-year timespan, but we want to shorten that as much as possible).  Both Fortysomething and I found side gigs we can live with and have been investing our time in them for a little over a month. Many folks in the personal finance/debt elimination circles see side hustling as an efficient way to make up lost financial ground. Generally, I agree.  But I a

A Season of Side Hustling

Originally posted on The $76K Project on 9/11/2017 Y'all, I am 1.5 weeks into side hustling, and let me tell you:  I need more hours in the day .  Not that I'm complaining (much). The side hustle - an online teaching gig - will allow us to purchase new tires for our car and fund a holiday trip to see family. Moreover, my students are engaged and motivated, and I get to talk about science, my favorite subject. It's a fruitful opportunity for a variety of reasons. But seriously. More hours. I need them. Here's what my day looks like right now and pretty much what it will look like through December: 6 AM:  Wake up, stumble around the kitchen in a daze for 30 minutes while getting absolutely nothing accomplished (to put it mildly, I am not a morning person), slug coffee, finally pull it together, make child's lunch, drink more coffee, make own lunch, get dressed, panic about not being able to find keys/shoes/some other vital item that has mysteriously disappeared in the