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Debt: Nobody Said It Was Easy

(Originally published on The $76K Project on 4/10/2018)  Money in the $76K household is tight. We're awaiting medical bills related to the Kiddo's appendectomy, and although it's possible that the total cost of surgery won't be as high as I'm expecting it to be, I'm still very much on edge about it and  want to keep a tight grip on the budget  until we know where we stand. At the same time, we're determined to make a significant credit card payment this month ($1000) and plan a small but fun birthday celebration for the Kiddo. Although we're paying all of our bills on time and making progress with debt repayment, there isn't a lot of room for extras and non-essentials: We still don't have a real kitchen table.  We're eating off a tablecloth-adorned card table and sitting in folding chairs.  We've had to delay the purchase of other furniture,  such as bar stools for our kitchen counter. (The horror!) We're not going out to eat as often