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My Experience With Sh*tty Short-Term Health Insurance

(Originally posted on The $76K Project on 10/19/2019) When I quit my job back in April to take care of my mental health, my two primary concerns were (1) oh God, what am I going to do with my life now? (answer: nap, learn some Italian, walk some dogs, rant on my blog) and (2) how are we going to... you know...  pay for things ? Like food. And cat litter. And - dun dun DUNNNNN - health insurance. The health insurance worried me the most. Generally, I'm pretty resourceful. I make things happen. Like, hand me some cardboard and a roll of duct tape, and I'll fix a few appliances, build some toys, and maybe craft a pair of zero-drop running sandals. Time me while I'm putting together an Ikea shelf, and I'll wow you with my efficiency. Ask me to conduct some Internet research, and mere hours later, I'll present you with a sheaf of peer-reviewed journal articles and a professional literature review. Drop me in a foreign country in a stranger's house in the middle of no

Debt: Who F*cking Cares

(Originally posted on The $76K Project on 10/12/2019) A few salty notes before I launch in: 1. My child informs me that I swear too much, so I'm asterisking my f-words because I know he reads my blog (hi buddy... I love you! I'm working on my shortcomings but this one's gonna be tough...) 2. I'm currently at CentsPositive  (sidenote: it's amazing), but I have a horrible cold [[another sidenote, this one from 2022: I am copying this into the new blog and now that I have experienced a serious global pandemic, I am BESIDE MYSELF with the knowledge that I attended a live conference while feeling extremely ill WTFFFFF]] and have therefore sequestered myself in my room to eat delicious takeout pizza, sip hot tea, argue with people on Twitter, and edit/publish this post, the first draft of which I wrote a couple of days ago. I may be slightly delirious, but nothing stands between me and my keyboard! 2b. My CentsPositive welcome bag came with candy, beer, and chips. Will th