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Running/Training Log (3/28 - 4/3) - Cold Rain Edition

Last week was a mixed bag from a weather and training perspective. It was cold and rainy! It was warm and dry! Running was easy! Running was a slog! The best of times and the worst of times! All the things.

3/28 - 5.25 mile run in the rain after work. Temps were just above freezing so it was chilly but not slippery. This is my ideal running weather, in part because I run well when it's cool and in part because precipitation keeps other people off the trails. I had the park almost entirely to myself, with the exception of a few dedicated walkers who stop at nothing and another woman who sped past me and called out, "I see there's another crazy runner out here! It's not just me!" Definitely my favorite workout of the week.

3/29 - Day off (from running, not work, unfortunately)

3/30 - 5.40 mile run

3/31 - 5.5 mile run after filing taxes

4/1 - Day off from working out

4/2 - 15 mile long run. I was looking forward to this workout, but for the first hour, I may as well have been running through peanut butter. My legs and brain were not communicating well. If there's one thing I'm good at, though, it's persisting. Am I fast? No. But will I keep moving forward in some way, shape, or form? Yes. On a positive note, I managed my calorie intake well for once (I have a bad habit of thinking I can just keep going without eating anything, which... is dumb), and the run did eventually improve.

4/3 - 5.4 mile pack hike with as many hills as I could manage. Hills are abundant around here, which is both a blessing and a curse. It's difficult to find any flat ground whatsoever, which means I am almost always challenging myself. Yay?

Weekly total: 36.5-ish miles


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