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Receipts From A Spendy Summer

So sorry for the radio silence: it's partly due to legitimate busy-ness (non-stop deadlines at work, training and travel for a running trip, doctor's visits, ever-present domestic chores, a bout of covid that hung on for a couple of weeks) and partly due to me apparently preferring a good nap and Netflix binge over writing on my blog when I have some down time.  When last I posted, I was trying to recover from our June disaster-cation. I am happy to report that the rest of the summer has been much better from an enjoyment standpoint, but it has also been rather expensive. The money comes in! The money immediately goes out!  I feel like I'm living in that opening scene of the Pixar movie Up where the main characters keep trying to save for a dream trip only to have it foiled again and again by surprise expenses. Here's a list of what we've been spending on: 1. New tires ($880) - We bought our car used in 2021. It came with a decent set of winter tires, but the tread